Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Irish Genealogy Resources

Irish genealogy has been made much more difficult by the destruction of the archive in Dublin in 1922. It seems that the bringing online of Irish records and information has lagged behind the UK, but several projects are beginning to bear fruit in this area.

The National Archive includes a searchable Dublin census for 1911.

The Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives have just reached their first birthday. The aim seems to be to gather free resources for the benefit of other researchers, and it can only get bigger and better.

There is an Irish channel on the RootsChat website which brings together people new to Irish genealogy with more experienced researchers, and offers the chance of look ups.

There is an Irish genealogy forum, which seems fairly quiet but friendly.

There are many clan websites linked to Irish families. I have joined the Fitzpatrick clan, I am sure there are many others, if you only google them.

I plan to update this page as I find new resources, so check back again soon!

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