Saturday, September 27, 2008

Surname interests

I can't believe that I didn't put into my blog a section on the surnames I am studying

London 1850-1950
Hertfordshire before 1850

Bristol before 1810

London 1850-1900
Staffordshire 1800-1850
Everywhere 1600-1800


Marylebone before 1880




Devon before 1820


London and elsewhere before 1820

Harrow 1930s
London 1900s
Aylesbury 1910s
Carmarthen 19th century
Yorkshire before 1800


John Underwood said...

Hello- contact me about Dickins family -I have a great album of photographs ...not sure if this will reach you!
John Underwood

John Underwood said...

Dickins names ; Henry Francis Dickins,Lucy Catherine Dickins,Thomas Dickins ,H samuel Dickins,Vernon Dickins,Charles John Dickins,Charles Thomas Dickins,Clara Dickins,Lucy Dickins,Wyndham Dickins and many other names and family of all of the above.

Rebecca said...

We are descendents of Charles Frederick Dickens and his son William Mckellar Dickens, born 1870 according to our records in Mansfield Victoria. We presume this is the same William McKellar you have listed born 1863. Our copy of the marriage certificate places him at 35 years old in 1905. He married Jemima Hannah Oscroft and their children were William, Ralph, Mary, Robert, Caroline Emma, Betty, Lola, and James. Caroline Emma had an Auntie Annie White who we think might be the daughter of Annie Dickens White (Mrs. Robert White that you refer to). Caroline Emma's cousin was Clifford White. The William McKellar in our line was born in Mansfield Vict. and buried in Hay, NSW. Do you have any information on this line that might conclusively tie them together and explain the 1863 vs. 1870 gap. We show that William McKellar had a previous wife and 3 children before these children listed above that we don't have information on. The 1905 marriage was a second marriage.