Monday, July 4, 2011

Hillingdon Church

St John's, Hillingdon, seen from Coney Green

I have been meaning for some time to gt to the chuchyard at St John's Hillingdon, and to document the gravestones there.  I haven't found any information to lead me to believe that this has been done already - if anyone knows differently, please let me know!

So, I have started to walk for my health, and my first walk was to Coney Green, the green adjoining the church, which is called Coney Green because it used to be a place where rabbits, or coneys, were kept.  There are still earthworks around the perimeter of the Green which are apparently the remains of this activity.

It was a pleasant walk, but my daughter and I naturally gravitated to the churchyard of St John's Church, Hillingdon Village.  I have been dragging her around graveyards all her life, and so she feels at home in them!  She took some artistic pictures of the yew tree in the churchyard and I took a few pictures of the memorials.  It reminded me that I took pictures last year, in the snow, which I haven't put up here, but intended to.

St John's used to be the parish church for Uxbridge too, and in the days before St Margaret's Chapel was allowed to conduct funerals and had its own burial ground (sometime in the 16th century), people from Uxbridge were buried here too.  There are some old gravestones, but many of these are being eroded and destroyed by the undergrowth.

Overgrown tombstone in St John's churchyard

So, I have only a few pictures, because much of the graveyard is overgrown with ivy and brambles, and even those I took, I have only been able to discern the odd name or date on most of them.  However, I plan more walks, and to get more information.  In the meantime, I thought I would post a few pictures of the church and graveyard under a creative commons attribution copyright.  Please feel free to use these, but credit Fee Berry and this blog?

If anyone has specific wishes in connection with St John's Church or the Hillingdon Village area, do make contact through the comments.  If I can fulfil any requests during my evening walks, I will.

Alfred William Weekley 1851

Daniel Buckland 1743

Elizabeth Edmands 1732

George Arliss 1867

Harriett Lowe, 1862

John Buckland 1777

St John's Church, Hillingdon

St John's bell tower

Thomas Smith 1761

Thomas Whittington 1769

I will add another post with my pictures from last December.  There were some tombstone pictures I will try to caption.